International Malaria Xchange 2009

Gambar Lalat di Tempat Makan Sate Kuda, difoto dari hp Taxco (18/01/08)

Date : 19th January- 5th February 2009 2 weeks of Summer school and 11 days of field research at Lombok

Venue : Airlangga University School of Medicine, Surabaya, East Java and Western Lombok (one of endemic Islands of Malaria in Indonesia)

Participant : Malaria exchange is open for medical students in pre clinical,clinical level and especially those who are interested to know more about Malaria. We Limit the participant for 25 participants only.

Programs :

- Special Malaria Lectures
- Workshop
- Laboratory work (AUSM Parasitology and Microbiology Laboratory)
- Clinical work exploring patients with tropical disease (tour to Internal Mecicine Department, dr. Soetomo Teaching Hospital)
- Observation to the Tropical Disease Center/Instituion of Tropical Disease of Airlangga University for Research
- Field research of Malaria Transmission in Lombok, Indonesia :
An Approach to Diagnosis, Clinical and Epidemiological Survey,
11 days in western Lombok with AUSM profesional Lecturer as supervisor
-Sosial Programs

Monday, 19th January 2009
Opening Ceremony [for International Partisipants and Full Packet]

Tuesday, 20th January 2009
1) Tropical Diseases in Indonesia by Prof. Dr. Edi Soewandoyo, Sp., PD (K)
2) Malaria Research from FMAU by Prof. Dr. Yoes Prijatna Dahlan, Sp., Par (K)

Wednesday, 21st January 2009
1) Malaria Epidemiology (Indonesia and World) byFlorentina Sustini, MD, PhD
2) Pathophysiology, Pathogenesis, clinical approach, and treatment of Malaria by Dr. Nasronudin, Sp., PD - KPTI
3) Malaria in Pregnancy by Prof. Dr. Eri Gumilar, Sp., OG (K)

Thursday, 22nd January 2009
1) Molecular based Pathogenesis of Malaria by Prof. Dr. Yoes Prijatna Dahlan, dr., Sp., Par (K)
2) Molecular Epidemiologic of Malaria and G6PD Deficiency in Indonesia by Prof. Kawamoto, Oita University

Friday, 23rd January 2009
1) Quick Examination and Laboratories for Malaria Diagnosis by Prof. Dr. Sri Hidajati, DTM, MS
2) Transmission Pattern of Malaria: Entomology Approach by Dr. Subagyo DAP &E
3) Transmission Pattern of Malaria: Public Behavior Approach by Dr. Siti Pariani, dr., MS ,Msc, PhD
4) Workshop Day 1

Saturday, 24rd January 2009

Workshop Day 2

26th January - 5th February 2009
Field Research at Western Lombok (one of endemic Islands of Malaria in Indonesia)

6th - 12 February 2009
Evaluation, Hospital Visit, City Tour (surabaya)

13th February 2009
Farewell Party

Paket :

A Paket
2 Days Seminary
Student Rp.150.000,-
Doctor Rp. 200.000,-

B Paket
2 Days Seminary + Workshop
Student Rp.250.000,-
Doctor Rp. 350.000,-

C Paket
4 Days Seminary + Workshop
Student Rp.350.000,-
Doctor Rp. 450.000,-

D Paket
Workshop 2 days
Rp. 150.000,-

FULL Paket
All Days Seminary + Workshop + Field Research + Hospital Visit + City Tour + Accomodation

International Fee 510 euro

National Fee Rp. 4.500.000,-

Payment :

Citrawati Dyah K 0111355925

BNI - Unair Branch,Surabaya, Indonesia


Student Center Airlangga Univ.

Terbaru : PROMO TERBATAS, Diskon 30%
2 hari seminar = HTM 105.000
2 hari seminar + 2 hari workshop = HTM 200.000
4 hari seminar = HTM 205.000
4 hari seminar + 2 hari workshop = HTM 300.000
2 hari workshop = HTM 100.000

CP : Rida PD '06 - 08563341062

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